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WPR Consulting is your VKS Supplier in Southern Ontario and Manitoba

Our Products

VKS Lite

Eliminates the paper traveller, guides the assembler/ operator without skipping a step, and ensures your products are made repeatably and to a higher quality standard.


Not only guides assembler/ operators but captures the production data to help make better business decisions, and drive continuous productivity improvements.

VKS Enterprise

Connects the assembler/ operator's steps to your MRP or ERP system through VKS's API, seamlessly connecting the production floor to the boardroom.

Our Team


30 plus years of experience in manufacturing, materials, aerospace and software systems implementation.


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Remove Non Value added work

Eliminate paperwork on the shop floor,

Collect data on all your operations

Make decisions on hard data, real time.

Continuously improve your ROI

Start by eliminating paper and build your capability towards an Industry 4.0 implementation